100% Hand Built in the U.S.A. – Malibu boards are designed tested and manufactured by a team of gnarly enthusiasts dedicated to deliver the best performing ride in the industry - Inspired and fueled by our motto:
Do What You Love – Love What You Do!

Malibu Fireballs - Made in the USA of the finest urethane available = Top quality and incredible performance!
All Fireball Wheels have solid center cores which provide superior strength reliability and tolerances for precise bearing fit.
Do not settle for less!!  Malibu Fireballs are available in several styles and sizes to meet each demanding riding style.

Malibu Fireballs - Classic
Malibu Fireballs - Free-Ride / Slide Malibu Fireballs - Shred

Prefect wheel for that Classic Longboard when top performance is also critical. Great looks and designed for speed!
Flame Orange Tint
80a durometer
66mm or 70mm

54 mm contact with angled edges allow this wheel to slide when you want but stick when you need it. Designed to be pushed hard these wheels perform!
Solid Malibu Flame Orange
83a durometer
Center set design with aggressive rounded edges make these wheels very versatile. Easy for doing tricks and designed for speed. - The best of both worlds!
Flame Orange Tint
80a durometer
65mm or 72mm
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