100% Hand Built in the U.S.A. – Malibu boards are designed tested and manufactured by a team of gnarly enthusiasts dedicated to deliver the best performing ride in the industry - Inspired and fueled by our motto:
Do What You Love – Love What You Do!


Since 1977 we have loved and lived skateboards! Over the years we have seen skateboarding go through many changes. But one thing has never changed: Skateboarding is driven by the sheer passion for the sport that those who love it possess. High speed, wind in the hair freedom, excitement and relaxation. It is that fire that drives the team at Malibu Skateboards. With the introduction of Malibu Skateboards, we bring back the original passion that sparked the fire we see today in skate parks, on the streets, and in the eye of each and every unique skateboarder looking to carve out their own place in this incredible world.

So join Malibu Skateboards and create your own path!


Headquarters / Midwest Distribution
2150 Fulton Street
Grand Rapids MI 49503
(616) 401-2532