100% Hand Built in the U.S.A. – Malibu boards are designed tested and manufactured by a team of gnarly enthusiasts dedicated to deliver the best performing ride in the industry - Inspired and fueled by our motto:
Do What You Love – Love What You Do!


  • Malibu Boards are designed for performance and built with the best U.S. components - Therefore our boards are crazy fast. – Always use extreme caution when riding. Know your abilities and know your terrain. Plan ahead when riding and always wear the appropriate safety equipment – including: helmet, pads, wrist guards or slide gloves. Appropriate skateboard shoes will help with grip and control on the deck.
  • We recommend learning to use your shoes to slide stop. This is done by keeping one foot on the board for control and lowering your other foot to slide on the ground to aid in stopping. This takes a while to learn but once you master it – you will be glad you did!
  • When you are ready – we recommend learning how to slide. This will help with control and it is a blast!!
  • For serious high speed bombing we recommend full leathers, full face helmets and slide gloves.